Bear Butte

Bear Butte State Park, SD

45 minutes from Rapid City, South Dakota

Close to Home
Snow Covered Wyoming

Hot Springs State Park, WY

2 hours from Casper, Wyoming

Close to Home
Balcony Overlooking Park

Indian Cave State Park, NE

1.5 hours from Omaha, Nebraska

Close to Home
Kayakers in Ouachita Lake

Lake Ouachita State Park, AR

1.5 hours from Little Rock, Arkansas

Close to Home
Lost Dutchman

Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ

50 minutes from Phoenix, Arizona

Close to Home
New River State Park

New River State Park, NC

2 hours from Charlotte & Greensboro, North Carolina

Close to Home
Lake Sunset

Reelfoot Lake State Park, TN

2 hours from Memphis, Tennessee

Close to Home
Rockhound State Park

Rockhound State Park, NM

1 hour from Las Cruces, New Mexico

Close to Home

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Learn about our partners, legislative issues concerning state parks, conducting research, and much more.

Helping state parks effectively manage and administer their systems.

The mission of the National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD) is to promote and advance the state park systems of America for their own significance, as well as for their important contributions to the nation’s environment, heritage, health, and economy.

Value & Benefits of State Parks


State park systems can stimulate each state's economy through tourism, relocation, recreation, and even air-quality for nearby residents.

Social & Community

Outdoor recreation can reduce juvenile crime, promote closeness within families, and build community involvement.

Health & Wellness

Spending time in state parks promotes exercise, good health, inspiration, self-realization, and life enrichment.


Supporting state park systems ensures that natural and cultural resources are preserved for the next generation.

Children in Nature

Children growing up in a culture of smart phones and computers can benefit greatly from spending time outdoors in state parks.

2020 National Association of State Park Directors Conference

September 7 – 11, 2020

Join us at the annual conference in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. More info coming soon.

Honoring Tradition — Seeking Innovation

Picacho Peak State Park
GA Panola Mountain St Pk bikers

Job Opportunity – DE – Operations Administrator

This position is a natural resources/park management position.  The incumbent will be responsible for the day-to-day,

Job Opportunity – WV – Parks Director

******THIS IS EXEMPT (WILL AND PLEASURE) POSITION******* NATURE OF WORK Performs highly complex administrative work as

Showcasing the DNR: Reflecting on the centennial year – an open letter from the Parks and Recreation Division chief

Photo: © 2018 State of MichiganIMAGE 1 OF 8 A family takes in the scenic Lower Falls at Tahquamenon

Many of the early parks and preservation projects accomplished in the United States were through legislative acts by the states. There was recognition of this growing responsibility in a relatively new field of public service. It was through early successes that such American landmarks as Niagara Falls, the California redwoods, and the San Jacinto battleground were saved for prosperity. A few years later, guided by Stephen Mather, the first National Conference on [State] Parks to promote state and other public parks was conceived, organized, convened and actively supported by practically every park and conservation luminary in the country. Held in Des Moines, Iowa in January 1921, it brought together some 200 highly motivated delegates and ignited a “prairie fire” for the development of public parks across America. From the success of this auspicious convocation of modest beginnings grew a national state park movement that has achieved unimaginable success.1 1Adapted from The State Park Movement in America by Ney Landrum

America’s State Parks today include more than 2,200 traditional state parks and more than 8,100 additional areas that provide wonderful outdoor recreation experiences and unique historical, scientific and environmental education opportunities. Eighteen and one-half million acres provide for grand diversity – from the vastness of a half-million acre mountainous landscape, to the colorful intricacies of a living coral reef, to the world’s longest stalactite formation, to the tallest sand on the Atlantic seaboard, to the historic locations where European settlers first came to America, and much more. This mosaic of the natural resources and cultural fabric of America and the splendor of its beauty are enjoyed by 791 million visitors to state parks annually. Both remote and resort in their offerings, America’s State Parks are indeed yours to explore and experience.

Now, as during the past century and the beginning of the state park movement, the support of partners are invaluable to success of parks. America’s State Parks have long been recognized their accessibility, and for their effectiveness and management efficiencies.

Support from individuals, friends groups and corporate America are central to continuing to provide and advance quality outdoor recreation experiences and opportunities in America’s State Parks and safeguard their importance to the nation’s environment, heritage, health and economy.

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