Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint

Ensure Every Child's Future with a Park Experience

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America's State Park Foundation is the official national-level non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), whose sole purpose is to advance the missions and purposes of America's State Parks. Our mission is to promote the value of America's State Parks, for environmental stewardship, for health and well-being of all Americans and for economic development; and to energize the State Park Movement, working in collaboration with state park agencies, their non-profit partners and other allies and supporters of parks, conservation, and preservation in America.

Americans responded to a global health crisis in 2020 by embracing open spaces and the great outdoors. The need to support and protect these beautiful spaces is greater now than ever before. Your support of the America's State Park Foundation will go to help individual state park systems protect and conserve their open spaces and continue to inspire every generation to embrace what nature can do for mind, body and soul.

Every child's future deserves the outdoor experience of a State Park!