Special Programs

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STIHL Inc. announced the expansion of the Hearts of STIHL program, an initiative to care for the environment through the preservation of our nation’s state parks. Inspired by the staff of America’s State Parks, the mission of Hearts of STIHL is to help those people and programs that are caring for the national treasures that are our America’s State Parks, and preserve them for the enjoyment of all Americans, current and future.

The 2023 Hearts of STIHL program will provide a $20,000 grant to a park in each of the nation’s six regions for a total of $120,000 in 2023, which are the Northwest, North-Central, Central, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. The grants will be managed by the America’s State Parks Foundation, and parks can apply for funds to help projects related to sustainability, recovery, conservation, or environmental education programs.

Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2023. Hearts of STIHL grant awardees will be announced at the National Association of State Parks Directors Annual Meeting to be held in Nevada, September 12-15.

Parks wishing to submit an application for this grant can access the application form here.