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WI – Teen Rescued From Waterfall In Wis. State Park

Teen Rescued From Waterfall In Wis. State Park


Some make the mile hike to Willow Falls for relaxation, some come for peace. But the situation that unfolded on June 13 was anything but peaceful.

Park Ranger Arek Feidt was high above the falls tending to a dying tree with Rob Juetten, a visiting arborist and professional competitive tree climber, when he heard a yell that someone needed help.

“It was just kind of on instinct of, ‘We got to get this kid out of the water, what’s the best way?’ and we just used our best judgment at that time,” said Feidt.

The boy said he was losing his grip. He’d fallen down the first fall and was about to fall about 25 feet more down the long fall. Juetten, who was still harnessed, clipped into a rock climber’s grip and the two quickly improvised.

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