IL – Budget impasse limits spending at state parks

Budget impasse limits spending at state parks

The campgrounds at Illinois Beach State Park in Zion have been reserved for Independence Day weekend, but campers should expect to find slower services because of the state’s budget impasse, officials said.

Illinois Beach State Park Superintendent Saki Villalobos said the park had been ready to hire two more full-time maintenance employees, but officials had to make do with the current staff of three. He admitted the lack of staff has led to slower garbage pickup and dirty bathrooms.

“There is an impact, and we are trying to do what we can,” Villalobos said.

Illinois lawmakers on Thursday approved a partial six-month budget aimed at keeping state government operational. The plan focuses heavily on ensuring schools open in the fall and funding human service programs. Money has also been earmarked for basic government services, such as fuel and repairs for government vehicles.

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