AL – Amendment 2 could introduce new era for AL State Park’s system

(Source: Alabama Department of Conservation)
(Source: Alabama Department of Conservation)
  • MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) –A vote on November’s ballot could change the Alabama State Park’s financial outlook for the foreseeable future.

    Amendment 2 would allow the state park system to keep the money it generates. This has not been the case in the past, as state lawmakers have transferred money out of the park system to shore up other issues in the state’s general fund.

    These transfers, coupled with last year’s budget cuts, helped lead to the closing of five state parks across the state. All five parks have since reopened thanks to deals with the local communities or a managing company.

    However, by keeping the money the parks generate, State Park Director Greg Lein says the state can “invest” in its parks instead of having to worry about their budget year-to-year.

    There is some concern the amendment could further limit the state’s flexibility when it comes to solving budget issues. Almost all revenue coming into the state is already earmarked to a certain program. These earmarks hurt Alabama’s ability to fund the growing costs of state agencies, such as Medicaid.


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