New Cottages and $55 mil in Bond Funds for WV State Parks

Three new cottages were opened July 16 at Chief Logan State Park in West Virginia.  Construction dollars came from gas and oil bonus funds directed to State Parks.  More detail on cottages here.  Additional projects are scheduled to begin as funds become available.


Also, on July 18, the RFP was went out to release $55M in bonds for repairs and improvements to West Virginia State Parks.  Most of the funds will be used to address  infrastructure repairs, lodge and cabin upgrades and other deferred maintenance needs.   

New Directors in 5 States: LA, NC, NJ, SC, UT

Announcements have recently been made on new directors in five states. 

Louisana:  Gene Reynolds  He replaces Robert Barham who retired following many years of public service in conservation for Louisana.
New Jersey: Olivia Glenn  Mark Texel is now serving as the assistant director for parks.
North Carolina:  Dwayne Patterson  Mike Murphy, who had served as director since 2014 following careers in finance and education, left in March.
South Carolina:  Paul McCormack    (media link pending) Phil Gaines is retiring after a 37 year career with the SC State Park Service; he has accepted a professor of practice position with Clemson University.
Utah:  Jeff Rasmussen  Deputy director since 2012, Jeff has been name director since the untimely passing of Fred Hayes, another respected career parks veteran.